5 Reasons A Headpiece Is A Great Choice For Your Wedding Day
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golden headpiece for wedding

5 Reasons A Headpiece Is A Great Choice For Your Wedding Day

It all starts with the quest for your perfec wedding dress . Then comes the choice for the bridal hair style and the make-up idea.  But it does not need to end there. And before you think I am here to overwhelm you with ideas, which I am sure you are not short of, I wanted to share with you how to make your wedding look personal and unique with a wedding headpiece.


There have been many times I had to answer the question future brides ask and even friends who were getting married “Do I really need a headpiece at my wedding day?”.  The answer to this questions is really up to you and your willingness to try a headpiece.  I have heard many time brides-to-be finding reasons not to wear one such as: ” I don’t want too much blink” , ” I want a clean and elegant look”, “My hair is too short to wear a headpiece” and the list goes on. I can think of quite a few more reluctant statements but today I thought I will share my 5 reasons on why wearing a wedding hair piece is a great choice at the most important day of your life.





If you want to show your unique style  with a personal twist in your bridal look wearing a bespoke hair accessory would be a great choice for you. Surely you can have this chic bohemian exclusive wedding dress you’ve seen on Pinterest boards but so can many other modern brides. The way to set yourself apart from them is to accessorize your bridal look with a bespoke headpiece or a dramatic wedding veil along with this stunning dress of your choice. See, where I am getting at? The combination of the dress and your accessory will present one-of a kind authentic look – the look of you.





Surely, you can have a custom made wedding dress which can tell your story and without a doubt if this feels the right thing to do I would strongly encourage you to do it. But the versatility of what you can incorporate in a custom made headpiece without crashing the bank is second to none. Let’s imagine you would like to include a special color detail in your look because your fiancé made the proposal with unusual colored diamond ring. Or there is something very special for you which you want to incorporate in the wedding look. Or you simply love nature inspired designs. You can have it all in a headpiece with your story told and identity shown.





Most of the hair accessories can be worn in so many different ways. Equally they can create completely different looks thought the wedding day. Hair pins can be beautifully spread across a romantic braid during the day and put together to create a cluster effect later at the wedding dinner. A delicate hair vine can be placed on your forehead for a formal ceremony and as a reversed tiara for more relaxed and modern look later in the day. A bridal comb can be placed in various parts of your hair depending on that you would like to accentuate in the hair style. There are plenty of options, the choice is yours. If you need ideas on how to wear a design do a little research on the Internet or simply ask your stylist for suggestions.





Who said the headpiece should only be worn at your wedding day?! Why not wear it at your anniversary date and relive a memory of your very special day. Let your style shines again with a beautiful personal touch of memory.





Imagine keeping your wedding headpiece in a carefully preserved wooden box which you can pass down to generations ahead. Your memory, your story  shared with your family members in the most unique way. The beautiful jewelry you wore at your wedding day can be a very special gift for your beloved ones.



I hope these ideas help you with the preparations of your bridal look. I know there is a lot of choice and ideas and sometimes it can be daunting to make a decision but my advice to you is to take your time and make the choice that feels right. You don’t need to settle for something that is not quite what you want but instead you deserve the best for yourself.


If you consider a headpiece is something you would wear but you are not sure how to go about it I would suggest you have a look at the Berkiva Collection or get in touch with me directly here.I would love to help you create your wedding heirloom.