Why A Bespoke Wedding Hairpiece Workshop
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make your bespoke wedding hairpiece

Why A Bespoke Wedding Hairpiece Workshop

It has been some time since I last did my last blog post. The truth is for the last couple of months besides working on some beautiful bespoke wedding hairpieces for my lovely brides I have also used the time to focus on what is important for me and my business as well as to do some proper year planning.  One decision I made based on my business planning is that I would like to stay connected via the blog with all of you  who are looking for some wedding inspiration or just a piece of advice. Thus, a lot more blog post are about to come your way on a regular basis from now on. Yey!


Today I wanted to share a little bit more about why I decided to give a workshop on making your own bridal hairpiece. Last week I announced  on Facebook and Instagram that I will give a workshop in collaboration with Bemind Fotografie for the future bride or anyone creative who would like to learn how to make her own wedding headpiece. Besides all the excitement I received from all of you, there was a frequent question “But why are you doing this when you offer the bespoke service yourself?”. There are two main reasons why and they are both connected to you.


The first reason is that all the brides I have been in touch with are very creative people. You all like to put your own style spin on things.  Just like you I was once a bride who was looking for something special I can make for my own wedding but I didn’t have the skills and knowledge how to make it. Besides the overwhelming amount of my wedding tasks, I just wanted to sit quietly somewhere and create something with my own hands. Well, while some people decide to sew their own wedding dress (respect!) I wanted to make a bridal accessory. Something  minimalistic and elegant, yet timeless and one-of-a-kind. If you have similar thoughts why not joining the workshop for a bespoke wedding hairpiece? With a little bit of guidance and ancient traditional millinery tips I will share with you, you can make your own wedding heirloom which can be passed down to generation ahead.


The second reason is a lot of you would love to have a modern and elegant headpiece which would fit well in your vision and style but you either do not find it or it is out of your budget. Most of the brides who reach out to me are looking for a bespoke hairpiece – from a showstopper crystal crown to an elegant wedding comb with blush hair vines –  are confident with their style but sometimes budget gets in the way. A bespoke design is more expensive option simply because someone else has to put the time to understand what you want, design and and actually make it. If you feel you can design and create your best version of a wedding hairpiece with solid knowledge I share with you,  why not join the workshop? If this is not enough I will also provide you wth the materials you need to create your hairpiece.


Are you up for a little challenge? For more information and to join the workshop visit the link.  I would love to hear your comments and questions so please send me a email or comment below. I will gladly help you!