The story of bespoke wedding accessories designer
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I am your story teller

Hi there! My name is Polly and I am the designer behind all Berkiva bridal accessories. Born and raised in a small scenic town in Southern Europe I am now living with my beautiful family in the land of tulips and windmills – a place where I can satisfy my appreciation of gorgeous flowers and enjoy the diversity that the Netherlands can offer. Traveling to countries with ancient history or hiking in the meadows of the Alps are some of my favorite destinations for recharge and inspiration. For a daily dose of happiness, I simply need a cup of coffee, a bunch of fresh flowers and a few little sparkles to play with.

My Story

From a basketball player to a wedding accessory designer

My journey to the creative world was rather late and not anticipated. At least this is what I think, but looking back I realize I have always had the passion to create things. I just was not fully aware of it until later in my early adolescence.


My hard working nature, my curiosity and my “can do” attitude have helped me a lot throughout my life so far. I am a strong believer that if you really want something in life, you should go and make it happen. Trust your instincts and follow your heart. Being yourself and owning to it is something I value greatly. Combine all above with my strong desire to help other people realize their dreams, and this is who I am – the very special me.


As a child I was always very energetic and my days were always filled up with extra activities like sports and school play performances. In fact, sport was a big part of my life. With my love for basketball, a lot of hard work and dedication I was able to join my country national team. My flourishing career as a basketball player however was quickly dismissed at the age of 20 due to a back injury. This left me with great memories, even greater friends and a lot of skills I use to date – goal driven, focused, competitive, hard worker to name a few.


It was time for me to rediscover myself and I needed a fresh start. This is when I moved to the Netherlands to complete my university degrees. Right after I joined the corporate world where I learned a lot about business and met amazing people. In 2013 my fiancé and I started planning our wedding. I started looking for bridal accessories that would complement my wedding dress. Although it was a designer dress I felt I needed it to be my dress – the dress no one else could have.  I quickly built my own vision of what I want and started looking everywhere and asking for this specific idea I had in mind. No one could raise to the challenge so I decided I will make it myself.


The process of designing my belt, choosing all little pearls and crystals in beautiful rosy and ivory tones as well as sewing it onto my silk base was just realizing a dream I thought I never had. I could not stop thinking about bridal accessories and wanting to make more after my big day. Fast forward three years and here I am still making wedding accessories, dreaming along with my lovely brides and together creating beautiful pieces. There is no better feeling than hearing from a happy bride with a photo of her wearing her wedding headpiece or veil.


I would love future brides to see Berkiva as a creative platform where their dreams and ideas turn into something beautiful and of value for them, a heirloom they can keep and pass to future generations.

designer at wedding fair stand with her bespoke designs

photo by:  Elisabeth van Lent

My Business

Since starting Berkiva designs I feel I have finally found the last piece of the “happy me” puzzle. In the past three years there has been a long personal journey where my love for little details, my curiosity and my self determination to give the best I can seem to have helped me form my business. Doing what I love is a true blessing and I am so glad I can be reminded of it every day while creating something beautiful and of value for someone. Berkiva is still small but I am so excited every time a future bride reaches out to me with her story and I can give her all the time to answer her questions and create something valuable for her. I invite you to share your dreams and ideas, let your imagination run wild and let’s create something beautiful and personal just for you. If you are a little unsure, have a look at Berkiva Collection for some inspiration.

Some of my favorite things

  • the alps
  • white tulips elegant

The Blog

gold wedding headpiece with crystals and white blossoms nature inspired

For a dose of inspiration, tips, love stories and my thoughts on life