A Wedding Hair Pin For Dorien
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real bride with floral wedding hair clip

A Wedding Hair Pin For Dorien

There seems to be so much style choice and wedding inspiration for the bride-to-be with long hair. Yet, there are plenty of brides with short hair. Their wedding hair options seem to be limited but they really don’t need to be.


Today I am sharing with you my experience with designing a wedding hair pin for one of the loveliest brides Dorien.  She reached out with a specific request on the Bella set of bridal floral hair pins for her winter wedding look. She wanted a single floral hair pin which will compliment her subtle side braid on her short bob romantic wedding hairstyle. Her concern was how to secure the wedding hair pin so it adorns her beautiful look all day at her wedding day. I have to confess I get really excited when my brides get specific on  what they are looking for and ask for practical advice because part of  making a choice on a beautiful wedding headpiece is also about how the future bride will wear it and how comfortable it would be.


After exploring a few options Dorien chose a Bella hair pin on a hair clip which was the perfect choice for her fine hair. The advantage of a hair clip is that it keeps the position of the hair pin placement secure and does not slide off. Although the metal hair pins can be secured with extra hair pins on the hair, a hair clip is a better option if the bride’s hair is rather fine.


I truly enjoyed making the bespoke version of the Bella floral pin for Dorien and I thank her for the wonderful opportunity to design her piece.


If you are looking for a bespoke design or wonder what would be the best choice for you, send me a message and lets explore your choices.


Image credits for blog image is by: Floor Bogaerts Photography