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gold wedding headpiece with crystals and white blossoms nature inspired


Have you been in a situation where you feel there is so much choice out there but yet you feel something is missing to make you complete and special? Have you felt the abundance of choice just dilutes your vision? Have you felt unheard and gently led into the general consumer profile? I hear you say: Yes, yes, yes! Well, let me tell you this is not unusual and it is totally fine to want to be you and to look unique at your most important day in your life! And no, I am not a fortune teller or a designer guru, but I have been there and I know the hopeless feeling.


Berkiva Designs was born from my own wedding experience and my passion to help other brides-to-be bring their unique vision to life with a custom made wedding accessory design. It was only during the preparation of my own wedding that I realised how important the little details are for a bride whose style is timeless and elegant yet with HER own personal twist.

alternative bride ballet

The story of Berkiva really started in the early 2013 during my own wedding preparation. In the beginning I was looking for a bridal accessory design for my wedding look that would show my style while keeping my appearance elegant, feminine and romantic. In short time it was clear to me that what I was looking for did not really exist yet so the only way to create the look I had in mind was to make it myself.  This is how I came up with the idea of sewing my own bridal belt for my wedding dress. The journey of coming up with the design, incorporating things I love and embroidering delicate pearls and precious crystals onto gorgeous silk was pure heaven for me. After my wedding I found myself still thinking of designs and creating them….until today…every day.

Berkiva Designs are wedding accessories for women who wish to personalize their appearance with timeless elegant designs. Each headpieces is created to help the bride express her personal style at the most important day of her life. The Berkiva bride is a modern romantic who breathes pure elegance and shines with her timeless feminine look. She completes her vision with intricate details.


Every piece is designed with your unique vision for your special day in mind and carefully handcrafted in my design studio in the Netherlands. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions on Berkiva collection designs or you would like a bespoke design prepared especially for you. I am a message away!