5 Short Wedding Hairstyles With Headpiece Suggestions
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5 short wedding hairstyles with headpiece suggestions

5 Short Wedding Hairstyles With Headpiece Suggestions

I have to confess I have a soft spot for short hairstyles especially when it comes to wedding hairstyles. I love when I see brides rocking the short hairstyle look. Today I thought I’ll share with you my top five short wedding hairstyles with some headpiece suggestions which might give you an idea for your own wedding.


Charming Textured Bob HairStyle


charming wavy bob

Images: 1)  2)

This classic chopped bob hairstyle is very flattering and easy to style. The slightly overgrown fringe with soft textured waves scream effortless beauty and timeless romance. Why not try this look at your bridal hairstyle trial appointment and see how you like it? I mean who wouldn’t want to look this gorgeous at the alter?


Because of the simple look you don’t need to add a lot of drama with your headpiece.  A simple headband or a minimalistic crown is all you need.  A Victoria headpiece will just add the perfect little touch of sparkle and frame your face beautifully. Below is an example of a real bride wearing the Victoria headpiece.


pearl bridal tiara for the minimalistic bride

Image: Fotosolo

Brushed Up Pixie Style


People think that just because you have a short hair you always wear it the same way. Well, this is so not true. This gorgeous pixie hairstyle looks stunning with a few simple twists. First, a little volume lift is added for glamour touch and  secondly, the front part is swept and pulled slightly back. Without a doubt, it doesn’t look like your every day pixie style, does it?


Images: 1) 2) 


I see this as a modern look with a timeless Sophie Loren vibe. Delicate netting over the face would bring a bit of mystery and coolness to your look. A Simone birdcage veil will be the perfect addition to your wedding look for example.  A clean version of this bandeau veil style is also a great option.


birdcage veil

Image Moniek van Gils


Short Braided Bob HairStyle


If you have slightly longer hair and would like to add a little twist to your loose hair style look why not try a small braid running on one side or across the back side of your head?You can choose among so many different braids  – side fishtail, Dutch braid, waterfall braid. It is a great way of getting the hair off your face and still looking fabulous and gorgeous.


braided short hairstyle for the cool bride

Images 1) 2)

For this kind of style you can add a touch of prettiness with a wedding hairpin. Below is a beautiful example of our real bride Doreen having her custom version of a Bella wedding hairpin.


real bride with floral wedding hair clip Image Floor Bogaerts Photography 

Soft Romantic Updo


To have an elegant romantic bridal undo you don’t necessarily have to have a very long hair. Short or medium length can still be transformed into this beautiful style. It is every brides dream to have the best version of herself at her wedding day and this soft textured undo will only add to the overall wedding look.


soft textured romantic undo for the modern chic bride

Images: 1) 2)


There are so many possibilities for the updos and it really boils down to where you would like the attention to fall to. If you have a stunner dress with lots of details on the front it would be best to maintain the front side of your hairstyle clean and simple. Yo can add a wedding comb framing your undo for an unexpected gorgeous detail at the back of your head. My suggestion will be for Iskra comb. If you have a plain elegant dress why not add a little accent to your look with a intricate headpiece such as Evelynne?


soft undo for a romantic bride

Images: Moniek van Gils Fotografie

Curled Bob Hairstyle

Just add a bit of waves and bounce to your bob and perfection is achieved! This relaxed look breathes pure beauty with a cute twist. And the best thing is waves look great on any type of bob style – from wedged bob to shoulder length bob hairstyle. Isn’t this a great easy styling idea for your big day?


curled bob style headpiece suggestions

Images 1) 2)


This gorgeous playful look deserves a proper flower crown which goes over your head and attaches at the back of the head close to your upper side of the neck. This way you have fully adorned look with beautiful detail hiding among the curls.  My floral suggestion here would be the Abundita headpiece shown below.



floral headpiece in gold for the romantic modern bride

Image Moniek van Gils




These are just a few suggestions for all of you out there who have not yet decided on your hairstyle and whether a headpiece is a good idea. Hopefully there are a few ideas for you to take on. I would love to hear what you’ll choose and if you have any questions on this blog post I would be more than happy to answer. You can always write me a comment below or a message.