Ballerina Bride
Wedding inspiration for the ballerina bride
Ballerina Bride
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Ballerina Bride

Ballet has always been one of the art forms I admire the most and can watch for hours. Today I wanted to share with you my vision of a ballerina bride inspired by the classical version of this art with a modern blend of elegance and style.


With this concept I wanted to show the woman’s ¬†feminine silhouette in its purest form, the beauty of woman’s body regardless of her shape or size. Despite the precise set of steps and gestures in classical ballet, there has always been freedom of graceful movement and fluidity which transmits timeless romance and divine elegance. The white roses add a sense of innocence which in itself carries a certain serenity and peace bound to be felt by anyone who beholds them.


Nostalgia has always been another inseparable feeling when watching ballerinas dance which I find difficult to explain. It is most probably evoked by my longing consideration of the past times. In order to keep the focus on the woman’s beauty I felt simple raw setting is just enough thus the exposed brick walls. Intuitively I associate classical ballet with classical music sounds and I though the piano is the perfect interior element to incorporate in this mood board.


It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add some accessory details to create the ultimate ballerina bridal look. The ballerina bride can adorn her wedding hair with an elegant asymmetric bridal comb as shown in the mood board. This headpiece is very versatile and can be worn with a braided updo or any asymmetrical loose hair style.


Ballet inspired bride for wedding inspiration


There you have it – my vision of ballet inspired wedding look. I believe that all the above elements can be easily incorporated in your wedding day if you like to. Hopefully this ballet inspired wedding mood board has given you some food for thought. If you would like to see the whole board you can do so at in my Pinterest account. I am also more than happy to answer all your questions via email ,social media or comments below.